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    He gets shot in the stomach during a botched carjacking in Mexico (Warning - shocking)

    In Mexico, on the Mexico-Puebla highway, a driver was shot in the stomach during an attempted robbery. The scene, filmed, shows how the crew of a pickup truck managed to escape robbery. After getting a flat tire (due to a sharp utensil left on the road by the thieves), a group of four people pull over to the side of the road. Unfortunately, the thieves are waiting for them, and knock on the driver's window. When the driver refuses to open the window and flees, one of the thieves shoots at him. Luckily, the wounded man was able to reach a hospital, where he was quickly attended to. His life is no longer in danger. The incident occurred near San Marcos Huitxoco, in the municipality of Chalco, State of Mexico.

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      franchement, le mec il gère quand même. bravo à lui.

      28/11/2023 à 00:33:16

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