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    Scum intimidate policewoman at illegal rally

    A police officer from Fairfax County, Virginia, was attacked by a gang during a street takeover, while in her vehicle. The incident occurred early Easter Sunday in an industrial parking lot in Springfield, where the group was performing "donuts". The officer called for backup as the crowd tried to open the doors of the police car. Police Chief Kevin Davis said the masked assailants were probably trying to force her out of the vehicle. Video footage showed the police car under assault, but the officer emerged unharmed. Arrests followed the incident.

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    • malomarie Signaler  

      The Walking Dead

      09/04/2024 à 21:29:42
      • guitou13  Signaler  

        J' pensais pareil !
        "Et tout à coup, ils étaient partout..."

        10/04/2024 à 11:29:57
    • malomarie Signaler  

      The Walking Dead

      09/04/2024 à 21:29:42

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